Quangong Machinery
Block Machine and Brick Machine Manufacturer in China
Automatic Block Making Machines, Concrete Mixing Plant, Concrete Batching Plant

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

QGM is a professional concrete machinery supplier. We can provide a wide range of block making machines (brick making machines), concrete batching plants and concrete pipe making machines etc.. Welcome to choose our concrete machinery.

1. Silo
2. Screw Conveyor
3. Aggregate Weighting System
4. Color Material Weighting System
5. Mixers for Main Material and Color Material
6. Belt Conveyor
7. Automatic Block Making Machine
8. Conveyor for Wet Blocks
9. Elevator
10. Finger Car
11. Lowerator
12. Conveyor for Dry Blocks
13. Stacker
14.Shipping Pallet Magazine
15. Tank Conveyor
16. Pallet Recycling Device
17. Pallet Turner
18. Control Room
19. Curing Room

Batcher for Main Material
Batcher for Color Material
Concrete Block Machine
Eletronic Control Room
Central Control System
Product Brusher
A. Lowerator B. Finger Car C. Elevator
Pallet Turner
Chain Conveyor
Shipping Pallet Magazine
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